Wednesday, December 7, 2011

LA Girl Glitter Addict Explosion!

I'm not usually a glitter kind of gal, but lately they have been piquing my interest.  Last year, it was Wet and Wild Prancer; this year it's Across the Universe.  Imagine what I did when I saw, in my local Suzy Shier store, a bunch of LA Girl polishes @ 2 for $5?  I bought a bunch, of course!  I might even go back to pick up another of the black glitter as well as the purple one.  The polishes all have clear bases with small glitter and larger hex glitter.  The small glitter in Nostalgic is holo, as well as the hex glitter in Euphoria.

I decided to layer four of the colours (Uninhibited, Euphoria, Provocative, Nostalgic) and now want to make my own 'Happy Birthday' franken, Natalie style (meaning: no orange or gold but lots of blues, pinks and black)!

Here it is:

How awesome are these?  They are unique (in that they have multi-sized glitter), affordable and have a good range of colours ~ 12 I believe.  And they are 3 Free!  

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