Friday, January 20, 2012

Cult Nails Living Water/Hypnotize Me

I was so excited when I ordered my first Cult Nails polishes a few months back, but became quickly disappointed with two of the colours (on me), Cruisin' Nude and Iconic.  Fortunately, Living Water and Hypnotize Me didn't disappoint!  I only needed one medium-thick coat of Living Water for opacity.  One coat of Hypnotize Me (gloopy but gorgeous) brought out the blue and green sparkles in Living Water's navy blue base and made my fingernails twinkle like crazy!  I am not one for navy polishes, but surprisingly, two have caught my attention so far ~ this and Across the Universe.  Love!

One thing to note about these polishes is that they dry flat, like most glitter, but nothing a good topcoat won't fix!


  1. That is an amazing combo! I need to try it now!

  2. This looks great on you!!! I'm a huge Cultie!!!
    I love Hypnotize Me! I use it for glitter tips and it works so well

    I am so sad to hear that you didn't get along with Cruisin' Nude... that is my favourite (in fact I just ordered a backup bottle). Maybe you could use it as a base for a layered manicure?

    1. Thanks Marta. I am glad I discovered it and can't wait to try it with other polishes!
      I loved Cruisin Nude in the bottle, but it just didn't mesh well with my skin tone. I swapped it already, unfortunately!