Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pretty and Polished Born Again/Haul

I decided to take the plunge and order artisan polishes after reading all the hoopla surrounding them.  First came Pam's Girly Bits (still waiting for my invoice).  Then came Lynnderella (wishlist submitted and waiting) and All that Glitters (on its way).  Next up - Pretty and Polished.  These were shipped quickly, wrapped thoroughly and are so gorgeous!  I quickly swatched Born Again, a deep blue jelly spiked with medium holographic hexagons and large coloured hexagons.  Two coats would have sufficed for opacity, but I love how the glitter looks suspended in three layers.  I didn't get any of the large hexagons on this hand, but I did on the other hand.  I should have tipped the bottle upside down for five minutes (a trick I heard that causes the glitter on the bottom to come to the top), but I was too impatient!

I am so glad I ordered this full size!  I definitely need to get Valentino and Labor of Love full size as well.  Chastise me, but I think that Valentino is nicer than that famous artisan black and white polish everyone is talking about lately.  Said polish is nice of course, but I don't like bar/stick glitter.  I think the small and medium hexagons in Valentino are classy!
And here is my Pretty and Polished haul:

Born Again, Cryptid

GBF, Valentino, Boy Crazy

 Johnny Law, Labor of Love, Tart

Future artisan polishes that will also make an appearance on this blog: Nostalgic, Lacquistry, and Victoriana.  Who needs store-bought polish? ;)

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