Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Elixir Lacquer With a K

This is such a beautiful pink polish; I'm sad that I waited a while to get it, but also happy that I did!  I used two coats of With a K for this mani and it became perfectly opaque, but it was a bit difficult smoothing the edges during cleanup because of the glitter.  Next time, I might use a thin coat of pink underwear polish just so I don't have to 'clean' WaK afterward.

Elixir's website describes WaK as "silver and electric violet holographic micro glitter with violet prismatic hexagon glitter, suspended in a violet jelly base".  The swatch picture on the site appears to be a violet purple, but my polish isn't!  It does lean purple, but it is definitely pink...
As per Wikipedia, below is a voilet colour wheel.  WaK slightly resembles the bottom middle shade, but is clearly pink.

Color icon violet.svg

Enough waxing contemplative on the description already!  Let's show you this beautiful polish!  Who cares what colour it is; it is simply divine!

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