Thursday, May 17, 2012

Candeo Jellybean

Normally I am not fond of yellow polish (this is my first!), but there is just something about Candeo Jellybean that I love.  Maybe it's the creamy yellow jelly base that doesn't totally clash with my skin, or maybe it's the gorgeous pink, purple, blue, yellow, and green glitter in various sizes.  Maybe it's just that it's so unique in my stash that I have to love it!  I originally bought this months ago and after swatching one nail, it seemed so thick and opaque and not at all jellyish like it was supposed to be (maybe I didn't shake it enough?).  I swapped it to someone who really wanted it.  Well, I was able to snag another bottle and this one is nice and jellyish.  My disappointment turned into excitement at the prospect of owning Jellybean.  I'm still not quite sure that yellow is the best colour for me, but it is a beautiful concoction!
This mani is three coats and one coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast.  I might use nude underwear next time, as I don't have any yellow undies! ;) 
The glitter dispersed nice and evenly and I didn't have to fish for the hexes! Yay!
Ain't she a beauty?


  1. The most perfect picture of Jellybean I've seen!

    1. Really? On my nubs? ;)
      Thanks so much; it means a lot, especially coming from someone with the most amazing nails!!

  2. I have been dying to get this polish but it sells out long before I even know it is on sale :(
    It looks fabulous on you

  3. Thanks cuti! I totally thought I wouldn't like it, but I love it! It's just so cheery.