Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Essie Lights

Let me preface this post with: neons are impossible to photograph!
I tried many different angles in different lighting conditions and this picture is the best I could come up with.  The colour is definitely more electric in person, believe me.
A better representation of the neon pink in Lights would be (taken from this webpage):
Application of Lights was good.  The two coats dried fairly quickly and to a matte sheen, as neons are wont to do.  I used one coat of Seche, went out in the sun and was blinded by its bright beauty.
I definitely want to get Camera, a coral/red neon and Bazooka, a coral/orange neon.  Action is, I think, fairly similar to China Glaze Papaya Punch, which I already have. :)
Enjoy the beautiful weather, ladies!


  1. THIS LOOKS GREAT on you!!!
    I am soo glad you mentioned that Action might be similar to Papaya Punch... I have this one too and was debating on whether to buy Action anyways... But I am trying to NOT dupe up too many shades (even if they are partially close).
    Great swatch :D

    1. Thanks Marta! Too bad I don't have a husband with amazing photographic skills! ;) It is so hard to capture a neon!!

  2. I was looking for swatches of Lights and came across your blog! I just bought this color and haven't used it yet. I tried it on my toes and the neon wasn't popping that much. I'm assuming I'll have a different result on my nails! I agree, neons can be hard to photograph. I'm hoping it appears much more neon on my nails than it did on my toes. By the looks of you second pic of how it 'really looks,' I'm hoping it will!

    Nice blog! I'm at www.nailpolishqueen.com :)


    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      Have you tried putting it over white polish? I did that for one finger to test it out, and it did seem to work. I didn't end up using a white base for my mani, but next time, I probably will!

      Cheers :)