Monday, May 14, 2012

Fixation Polish Poppy

This is going to be a short post, as I've had a trying day/night with my two kiddies.  One was whiny and clingy and the other was super hyper and shrieking.  Now I wonder how I am going to do with three!?  :(
I'm not sure if Fixation Poppy is a good colour for me.  I love the salmon colour in the bottle and on jewelry and clothing, but it seems to match my skin too closely, even though it is actually a bit darker than the picture shows.  Also, I'm not one for gold glitter.  Why do I keep buying polishes with gold glitter in them, then?  I just don't know!  :)
Application was great ~ two easy coats and one coat of Diamont.  Note that none of the flower glitter in the bottle made it onto my fingers!  
One thing I was disappointed in was the bottle.  It was not closed tightly enough before shipping and so when I opened it, the ridges had polish all over them.  That wouldn't have been a pretty sight if the cap had been a bit looser...

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