Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Love those indies Part 4

More pic spam.  :)
Dollish Urban Camo, Lush Slime Time, Lush Party Rockin'
Elixir Bad Kitty, unnamed purple/blue shift custom, unnamed teal custom
Chemistry 241, Models Own Juicy Jules, All that Glitters Space Rock, Hole Hearted
Pahlish Candy and Ronnie, Sitting in a Tin Can, Typewriter Keys
 Darling Diva Water Dragon, Chandelle, Reef Fish, Fire Dragon, Queen of Hearts
 Darling Diva Pendragon, Space Beetle, Ringer
Pretty and Polished Sand Art, Rainbow Sparkle, Midnight Rider, Pool Party, Swing, Power House


  1. Pretty!

    Just out of curiosity, why are the first two duds?

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      OK, they aren't total duds - but they aren't as they are supposed to be!
      I got Urban Camo in a swap and there is supposed to be green hexes the size of the white hexes. There are silver hexes in there, so I think the green faded. Apparently, this has happened to other bottles in the blogosphere!
      As for Slime Time, there is tiny blue glitter, but it is missing medium blue glitter. I contacted the maker and apparently people like it without the medium blue glitter, so they stopped making them like that. But, I bought mine based on the Etsy picture; I love the combo of blue and green and was pretty disappointed! :)