Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pretty and Polished Rainbow Sparkle

Another gorgeous creation from Pretty and Polished!  So far, my fave indie polish is P&P's Born Again and this is a very close second!  Rainbow Sparkles has a beautiful azure base peppered with various colours and sizes of hexagons.  The hexes show through the lightly shimmery base and the base just glows.  I painted two coats  and then dabbed on a bit near some of my cuticles, but three coats or two coats and underwear should suffice!
I love it so much; there's not much else to say (except that my photo is inaccurate; the blue is a bit deeper and more vibrant). 



  1. Awww (the lonely sigh at the end)...
    This looks so pretty, I haven't even considered it but I'll look for it in the next re-stock.

    Did you pre-order anything from P&P? What do you think about her new system?

  2. It is so pretty Sil, I hope you get it.
    I did preorder a few things, but I've never really had problems with Etsy (except for Pool Party)!
    What about you, did you?

  3. I have been buying from etsy, so the only thing I really wanted that needed to be pre-ordered was a full size of Midnight Rider. I couldn't justify spending the minimum just to get it. So I'll patiently wait. :)