Friday, September 14, 2012

American Apparel 7th and Alameda

Quickie today!  Scored American Apparel 7th and Alameda from a blog sale and I'm glad I did.  Two coats of this grey creme provided full opacity and a nice shine.  Am I nuts or do I see a bit of purple in there?  I think I'll be reaching for this a lot. :)  I have a few other AA polishes (Army Jacket, McArthur Park, Dynasty) that are just sitting there untried; now I think I might have to try all of them. If the duration of this polish is as good as the application, sign me up for more! :)

Excuse the polish on the side of my nails.  It would not come off!
I wore this polish for less than two days and all my fingers chipped!  As I've said before, I don't mind tipwear, but chips drive me crazy!  I used a topcoat, but even before I put that on, one of the nails had already chipped.  I will try again with basecoat; I really want this brand to be great...

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