Saturday, October 6, 2012

Elixir Tricky/Girly Bits Street Magic/Candy Juicy

Green is one of my favourite colours, especially shades of the olive or lime persuasion, but I rarely wear it on my nails.  I've had Elixir Tricky for months and months and I'm only getting to it now ~ silly me!  It's a gorgeous golden olive shimmer, the perfect backdrop for the subtle duochromic emerald/orange shift of Girly Bits Street Magic.  I decided to accent the mani with a layer of Candy Lacquer Juicy, a bright chartreuse/orange glitter bomb.  Again, why did I wait so long to use a polish?
I used one coat of Tricky (to cover a sage polish I was wearing), one coat of Street Magic and then one of Wicked Fast.
The day after I did this mani, my Butter London order came in and I decided to slap on a layer of Swinger.  The larger glitter in Swinger is emerald green while the base appears to be a murkier olive green, so it complemented both Tricky and Street Magic.  I love how the emerald glints at all angles!

 Isn't the shimmer gorgeous?  Definitely appropriate for fall!

Elixir Lacquer Tricky, Girly Bits Street Magic, Candy Lacquer Juicy

I've been wearing this for two days now and it's going strong; it will officially be my Thanksgiving mani tomorrow!  Could I possibly become a green convert?
Do you like wearing a base and glitter with the same colours, just in different shades?

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