Thursday, October 4, 2012

Layla Flash Black

This is the first Layla polish that I've tried in my quest for a charcoal holo HG polish and I have to admit, it might be the one (depending on how my MPJ search goes)!  On the bottle, the label obscures most of Flash Back and the bit of holo that you can see doesn't appear to be linear.  However, once you apply the polish and wait for it to dry, it is amazingly linear!
I applied two coats, plus on a few fingers, I covered some bald spots near the cuticles.  I did notice cuticle drag if I wasn't careful, so I will try it under a dark base or my Nfu Oh Aqua Base next time and see how that pans out.  I did put on one coat of Wicked Fast and while it did appear to dull the polish, once WF dried, the holo returned in its full glory!  :)

The great thing about this polish is that it is holo in all lights, at least to me.  It sparkles most brilliantly in the sun, but it also has a nice subtle glow in low light as well.  
Now, if only it weren't so expensive...

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