Monday, November 19, 2012

Bling on my Ring (finger)

I couldn't wait to try out my two newest Essie polishes together and once I had them in my hands ready to go, I thought that Illamasqua Jan would go well with the turquoise Where's My Chauffeur and the silvery gold Beyond Cozy.  I don't always like the look of more than one accent finger, but I like the bright, soft and glittery combination here.  :)
If I remember correctly, all of the polishes were two coats, which is pretty amazing for the glittery goodness of Beyond Cozy.  I barely had any cleanup to do, as well.   Unfortunately, I was so impatient to try out other polishes that I started removing the polish on my photo hand and thus had to quickly snap my right hand before I forgot.  Hello awkward hand pose!

What do you think of this colour combo?  Do you have any dupes for Where's my Chauffeur?  I do not (the closest being Orly Frolic) and I am happy to say that this is THE perfect turquoise for me.  I love it!

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