Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A England Beauty Never Fails and Holy Grail (revamped)

With the few a England polishes that I've tried, I've been impressed with their application and loved the colours.  These two are no exception.  Both murky, olive-hued Beauty Never Fails and the revamped golden Holy Grail applied easily in two coats, dried smoothly and barely needed any cleanup.  Interestingly, HG showed brushstrokes while drying, but they disappeared when the polish was dry.  I love the shine of this colour, but I'm not so sure it's a good shade for my skin tone.  I'll have to try it again and see.  BNF, on the other hand, is definitely a me shade.  I'll have to do a comparison soon of similar polishes.

pointer and middle ~ a England Beauty Never Fails (excuse the chip)
ring and pinkie ~ a England Holy Grail revamped

Do you like BNF, or have you seen this shade time and again?  And does HG toot your horn?

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