Monday, December 24, 2012

RBL Moulin Rouge/Girly Bits toppers

I seem to be on a RBL polish kick these days!  Today I have Moulin Rouge (now renamed Cerise Noir, how romantic!), a deep, reddish brown creme.  The two coats of Moulin Rouge dried to a gorgeous shine.  I seem to remember a bit of pulling while applying the polish, but it ended up leveling itself, so it's not a big deal.  Here she is:

I felt like topping Moulin Rouge with the three Girly Bits duochrome polishes: Street Magic, Shift Happens, and Cosmic Ocean.  Can you believe I've had these polishes for almost a year and never tried all of them together?
My lack of photography skills do not do the polishes justice.  Just imagine a vibrant emerald green shimmer that shifts to a golden green (Street Magic on index), a red to orange to green shimmer (Shift Happens on middle and pinky), and an aqua to royal blue shimmer (Cosmic Ocean on ring).  Street Magic was the most vibrant of the bunch but photographed horribly, while Cosmic Ocean has the weakest prominence, but photographed decently.  I'm not sure about the other two, but I love Shift Happens over Moulin Rouge.  Just a change from using black polish, no?

What are you favourite indie duochrome toppers?

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