Saturday, February 9, 2013

a England Ophelia, Bridal Veil and Lady of the Lake

It was only after I did this mani that I realized all the polishes used are a England!  I started with Ophelia, a black polish infused with very fine, subtle purple glitter.  It was late and my application left a lot to be desired, so I ended up removing Ophelia from my index and middle fingers and thought that the scattered black and purple holos of Bridal Veil and Lady of the Lake would complement the black and purple of Ophelia. *longest sentence ever!*  I think I was right.

My bottle of Ophelia must have thickened a bit, so the two coat application was a bit tedious. Of course, I didn't think about adding thinner until after my nails were painted. :(
Bridal Veil was also a two coater, but smooth and creamy.  Lady of the Lake was a bit sheerer, but three thin coats did the trick.  This is also a smooth and creamy holo, if that makes sense. :)

I'm loving the 'skittle' look these days, how about you?

The next day, I decided to spruce up the mani a bit by adding Dollish Polish Vampire's Coven over Ophelia. I quite like it!

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