Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cirque French Roast/Cape Liz/XX

You'll notice that I liked my last post's accent nail so much that I kept it for my next manicure!  I decided to pair it with the darkly decadent Cirque French Roast, a finely milled brown glitter in a clear base (at least, I think it's a clear base).  You can see glints of green, red and gold, so there must be some multichromatic glitter in there as well.  I've read that it's a glitter eater, but one thick coat of Diamont was good enough for me.  Shown is two coats of French Roast over one coat of Essie Little Brown Dress.  The accent finger has two coats of the beautifully dusty Cape Liz dressed up with one coat of XX.

I just love brown and blue together, don't you?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Picture Polish Warning and Cirque Cape Liz/XX

Apologies for the horrible tipwear you are about to see, but it must have been my topcoat!  I polished my nails before bed, put on my usual topcoat (Cult Wicked Fast), went to bed and then woke up to this!  Strange.  The description of Picture Polish Warning, taken from Harlow and Co, is as follows:

for the young & the not so young!
Warning is not a holo, not a mulit chromatic and not a glitter. Warning has a mystery rainbow effect that is magical so you really need to see it in person! So as the poem states you have be warned!

I'd have to agree.  While the polish is clearly an icy purple (does that even make sense??), it shimmers blue in some lights and dances with iridescent micro glitter in other lights.  It's not quite metallic, not quite a fine shimmer, not quite a glitter, but all three of these things.  
To be honest, I wasn't very fond of it when I first put it on, but it has grown on me and now I'd like to wear it again, sans the rushed application (which was two easy coats).  It kind of reminds me of Elixir Lacquer's Bad Kitty on glitter steroids.  :)

Too excited to wait (I got these polishes on the same day), I dressed up my index finger with two coats of Cirque Cape Liz, a gorgeous greyish blue with iridescent micro shimmer and one coat of XX, the gorgeous multi-shaped holo glitter.  Pictures do not do XX justice!  Can't wait to use them both again.  Gah, my poor untried pile...

Monday, March 11, 2013

Contrary and KB skittles

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon swatches of indie brand Contrary Polish and little did I know that it would become my new favourite indie polish.  I bought many shades in mini size to 'test the waters' and the first two I chose to wear are Bright Night, a deep blue polish with lighter blue shimmer and Firebrand, a burgundy polish with pink shimmer.  Both of the Contrarys were opaque at two coats and gorgeously shiny without topcoat!  Once I was in the sun, I noticed a few lighter spots on my Bright Night Fingers, but I chalk that up to doing my nails in my artificially-lit bathroom late at night.  :)

KB Shimmer I Got a Crush on Blue added a little spunk to my second accent finger.  I added one coat over Bright Night, but I should have done two coats to add to its gloriously holo depth.  I love it!  I used to shy away from any blues that were not turquoise or teal; maybe I am turning over a new leaf?

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Layla Cloudy Violet and KB Shimmer Squared Away

Have I already mentioned how much I love Layla holos?  Yes, I think I have.  :)  Gorgeous, smoky purple Cloudy Violet is no exception.  This time, I'm pretty sure I used Nfu Oh's Aqua Base underneath CV and it did seem to work.  That is, the Layla chipped on fewer nails and in much smaller amounts than usual.  I don't care though, the fantastic holo that emerges in both low and bright light more than makes up for it.  I've included the usual flash picture and one without flash to show you how nice it even looks in low light, not dull and grainy as some holos tend to look. 

 Layla Cloudy Violet with flash

Layla Cloudy Violet without flash

And just because I bore easily, I decided to add a coat of KB Shimmer Squared Away.  I should have left the mani alone.  There's just too much going on.  I think I'll use Squared Away over a contrasting creme next time as there's just not enough contrast for me.  I'm thinking Essie Navigate Her...