Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cirque French Roast/Cape Liz/XX

You'll notice that I liked my last post's accent nail so much that I kept it for my next manicure!  I decided to pair it with the darkly decadent Cirque French Roast, a finely milled brown glitter in a clear base (at least, I think it's a clear base).  You can see glints of green, red and gold, so there must be some multichromatic glitter in there as well.  I've read that it's a glitter eater, but one thick coat of Diamont was good enough for me.  Shown is two coats of French Roast over one coat of Essie Little Brown Dress.  The accent finger has two coats of the beautifully dusty Cape Liz dressed up with one coat of XX.

I just love brown and blue together, don't you?

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