Saturday, March 9, 2013

Layla Cloudy Violet and KB Shimmer Squared Away

Have I already mentioned how much I love Layla holos?  Yes, I think I have.  :)  Gorgeous, smoky purple Cloudy Violet is no exception.  This time, I'm pretty sure I used Nfu Oh's Aqua Base underneath CV and it did seem to work.  That is, the Layla chipped on fewer nails and in much smaller amounts than usual.  I don't care though, the fantastic holo that emerges in both low and bright light more than makes up for it.  I've included the usual flash picture and one without flash to show you how nice it even looks in low light, not dull and grainy as some holos tend to look. 

 Layla Cloudy Violet with flash

Layla Cloudy Violet without flash

And just because I bore easily, I decided to add a coat of KB Shimmer Squared Away.  I should have left the mani alone.  There's just too much going on.  I think I'll use Squared Away over a contrasting creme next time as there's just not enough contrast for me.  I'm thinking Essie Navigate Her...

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