Friday, April 5, 2013

China Glaze Budding Romance, Fade Into Hue and Secret Periwinkle

I've been looking for the perfect green for ages and I think I've found it in China Glaze Budding Romance!  I know most people probably don't like this shade of (olive? moss? pea?) green, but I love it.  Over the years, I've managed to snag RBL No More War, Illamasqua Hectic, Zoya Dree and a few other similar shades, but none are as bright as this!  I adore the colour, but I did not adore the application.  It bubbled like crazy on me, after only two coats (click on the pic to see what I mean).  Granted, I did apply those coats quickly and didn't wait very long between them but still, I haven't seen bubbling like this in ages.
I thought the perfect accent to this green would be China Glaze Fade Into Hue; I really think they complement each other and of course, are my two favourite colours.  :)  A coat of KB Shimmer Squared Away on my thumb and pinkie completed the look.  Argh!  If only it hadn't bubbled...

China Glaze Budding Romance
China Glaze Fade Into Hue (ring)
KB Shimmer Squared Away (thumb, pinkie)

Believe it or not, this square on my area rug matched my nails perfectly!  I think the camera flash darkened it, though as it does not look similar in this picture. 
After I took off this mani, I wanted to wear another blue, so I tried out China Glaze Secret Periwinkle.  The two are similar, but Fade Into Hue seems a tad darker.  I really should do a side by side comparison, n'est-ce pas?

China Glaze Secret Periwinkle

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