Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Two skittle manis

Here are a few more manis from the polish 'vault', if you will.  :)
I've really enjoyed doing 'skittle' manis lately, usually because I want to get through my growing pile of untrieds.
For this first mani, I started out with my new fave olive (with pink microglitter) polish, Contrary The Way I Am in two gorgeous coats.  Though I love love love this polish, I was antsy to try out some new acquisitions, so I quickly slapped on one (or was it two? I don't remember!) coat of the following polishes: Sation Oh My Oceania, Elevation Jungfrau, and Cirque Cape Liz (at least I think this is Cape Liz).  All applied easily and are stunners in their own right.  I left my index alone and decorated my thumb with Lynnderella The Present is a Gift.  I love how you can see the pretty pink glitter of TWIA in the second picture .

Contrary The Way I Am
Sation Oh My Oceania
Elevation Jungfrau
Cirque Cape Liz

Contrary The Way I Am
Lynnderella The Present is a Gift (glitter)

Onto the next mani...
I've had Elixir Bad Kitty for about a year now (remember the short-lived maddened frenzy that surrounded this supposed 'LE' polish?) and have brought it out only once before.  I absolutely loved the lilac shimmer with blue flash, but was really disappointed that the polish wasn't as bright and glowing as advertised and also that it shows brushstrokes.  This time around, the brushstrokes seemed fewer, but the colour was still not as bright as I would like, so I thought it would be the perfect backdrop for a little Konad action.  I decided to add an accent finger in Illamasqua Cameo and then add two holo glitters from Cirque XX to my thumb, middle and ring fingers.  The Konad stamping was a bit crooked on my pinkies, but I still like it.  I'll definitely have to practice more, especially now that I have MASH plates!

Elixir Bad Kitty
Illamasqua Cameo (accent)
China Glaze Liquid Leather (stamping polish)

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