Monday, June 24, 2013

Backlog #3

Yet another post with polishes that have graced my fingers these past few months. :)
As per usual, polishes are all two coats with Cult Wicked Fast on top, unless otherwise noted.  There is one more backlog post after this one, and then I'm all caught up...for now! 

Chanel Taboo (one coat over Extravagance)
OPI Extravagance stamped with Cult Nails Nevermore (pinky) 

Close up of Taboo's intricate shimmer and Extravagance's holo sparkle!

Finger Paints Late Night Rendezvous (three coats)
OPI Spark de Triomphe (pinky)

Cult Tulum (index, middle)
OPI Spark de Triomphe (ring)
OPI Solitaire (pinky)

Zoya Godiva

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