Saturday, June 29, 2013

Final Backlog!

Now that I have these backlogged photos finally posted, I've racked up a few more photos.  Such is life when you're a mom to young babes.  :)
Onto the pretties (as usual, all manis are two coats of polish followed by a coat of Wicked Fast, unless I note otherwise):

Picture Polish Cosmos (pinky, ring)
Picture Polish Starry Night (middle, index)
*These were both two coats with a bit of dabbing to cover a few bald spots.*

Zoya London
*I think this may be three coats, but I don't remember!*

Layla Coral Glam
Cult Nails Center of Attention (index, middle)
*Three coats of Layla ~ definitely need to use undies next time!*

Misa Blueberry Blast (index, middle)
Misa Great Grape (ring)
Misa Lime Love (pinky)

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  1. Love both picture polishes and the zoya. They look so pretty