Friday, September 27, 2013

My Two Favourite Cult Nails Polishes

You know I love a polish when I've already posted about it on the blog!  I paired up Cult Manipulative with Cult Scandalous here and now I thought I'd add my other favourite Cult polish - My Kind of Kool Aid.  Actually, Manipulative and Kool Aid are probably my favourite purple and aqua polishes period.  Both are cremes with delicate iridescent shimmer and covered beautifully in two coats.  I think these two colours would look smashing on all skin tones!  Luckily, I have backups of both as Manipulative is discontinued and My Kind of Kool Aid was for a short while.

 :)  Click on the pics to see the subtle, yet beautiful shimmer. *sigh*

Cult My Kind of Kool Aid (index, middle)
Cult Manipulative (ring, pinky)

I realized that my mani matched my son's juice cup!

Aren't these the most wonderful colours together?  What are your favourite combos?

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