Sunday, October 6, 2013

OPI Alcatraz...Rocks and Zoya Carter

Just a quickie for today ladies.  I thought I'd pair two texture polishes together, OPI Alcatraz...Rocks and Zoya Carter.  I believe this mani is two coats, but there might have been some dabbing to cover a few spots.  The OPI applied a bit more evenly, probably due to the wide brush (texture polishes can make it tricky to make a nice, clean line, but both dried to a softly gritty (if that makes sense) finish.
You can see multicoloured glitter peeking out in Alcatraz while Carter's glitter is a lighter purple than the base.  Both are beautiful!

OPI Alcatraz...Rocks (index, middle)
Zoya Carter (ring, pinky)

What do you think about the texture rage going on?  Yay or nay?  I like it much more than crackle polishes!!!