Sunday, November 17, 2013

a England Sleeping Palace and Fated Prince

a England polishes are always a pleasure to wear and the following two are no exception.  I picked up the whole Burne-Jones Dream collection and these two, the subtly linear holo ones, spoke the most to me (I sold Briarwood and am contemplating selling Rose Bower).  Sleeping Palace is smoky plum while Fated Prince is charcoal grey, which leans olive at times.   Both colours are right up my alley. I would compare SP to Layla Misty Blush and FP to Layla Flash Black, thought Flash Black doesn't have the same olive tone to it.  
Both polishes applied smoothly in two coats and sparkled nicely even with a coat of Cult Wicked Fast. I don't remember if they chipped (as holos are prone to do) as I changed my mani within a day or two.

a England Sleeping Palace

a England Fated Prince (please excuse my dry skin!)

Ooh. I just saw photos of the upcoming a England Ballerina collection; so dainty and pretty!

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