Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Elevation Polish Epidote/Pata Puffer II and Zoya Yasmeen

I've found my perfect olive green holo ladies: Elevation Polish Epidote!!!  It's smooth and creamy and covers perfectly in two coats.  It's a gorgeous shade of green and has a great holo flash.  What more could I ask for?  
I paired it with Zoya Yasmeen, a warm purple with pink shimmer.  Yasmeen also applied nicely in two coats.  Eying my stash, I thought the glitter in Elevation Pata Puffer II would match Yasmeen and I was right.  I do like it paired with olive green, but I think it would look better over a creme so that the glitter can really pop.

Elevation Polish Epidote (index, middle, pinky)
Elevation Polish Pata Puffer II (glitter on middle)
Zoya Yasmeen (ring)

Elevation Polish Epidote (pinky, middle, index)
Zoya Yasmeen (ring, thumb)
Elevation Polish Pata Puffer II (glitter on middle)

 I thought that Yasmeen would be a dupe for Cult Nails Flushed as they look similar in the bottles, but I was wrong.  Both have that beautiful pink shimmer, but the purple in Flushed is blue-based and cool, while Yasmeen's purple is red-based and warm.

Cult Nails Flushed (middle)
Zoya Yasmeen (ring)

Which purple do you prefer? I can't decide!

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