Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Picture Polish O'Hara and Marc Jacobs Petra

I can't believe I waited almost a year to wear Picture Polish O'Hara.  The jellyish candy apple red is so vibrant and the scattered holo sparkles gently; it's very pretty.  I paired it with  Marc Jacobs Petra, a metallic purplish brown foil.  As usual, I don't have more than one picture as my camera doesn't take good 'various angle' photos; you'll just have to believe me that Petra is a sparkly shade-shifter that needs to be seen in various positions/lights.
Three thin coats of O'Hara and two of Petra brought full opacity, though I'm not sure if O'Hara would fully cover the white tips of longer nails.  Note that topcoat is a must for Petra; it dries a bit flat/matte.  The foil definitely comes alive with top coat.

Picture Polish O'Hara (index, middle)
Marc Jacobs Petra (ring, pinky)

Don't you just love the scattered holo Picture Polishes?  I don't think there's one I've met that I haven't loved...

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