Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fingerpaints You Yacht to Know Better and Sarong So Right

One of the first nail blogs I stumbled upon was Michelle Mismas' All Lacquered Up.  I've followed her through the years and have always enjoyed her clear photos and honest reviews.  Last year, to my delight, Michelle was asked to create a collection (A Pair Affair) for Finger Paints, a brand that I love but do not have many of in my collection.  I found them in my local Sally's and score, they were discounted as a new collection had come in.  I didn't really like Sage It Ain't So, but Sarong So Right and You Yacht to Know Better (cheesy names!!) came home with me.  I was too excited to try on only one, so I decided to alternate them and then, oops, I found out that Michelle had swatched her polishes in the same manner, here.  What's that saying: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? ;)

Both polishes applied thickly, but evenly in two coats and the slight texture from the shimmer/glitter was smoothed out with topcoat.  Sarong so right is a beautiful jellyish coral embedded with tiny holographic glitter, while You Yacht is a dusty blue with lighter bluish/green shimmer.  Both are gorgeous and they go well together!

Finger Paints Sarong So Right (index, ring)
Finger Paints You Yacht to Know Better (middle, pinky)

Finger Paints You Yacht to Know Better (pinky, middle, thumb)
Finger Paints Sarong So Right (ring, index)
Holo topper on thumb ~ don't remember

I can't wait to bust these out during the spring/summer, especially Sarong on my toes!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Enchanted Castles

Let me preface this post: it was impossible to get accurate photos of the Enchanted Polish Castle polishes!  The flash just made the colours look holo, without showing the colour nuances.  If I tried to get a shot that differentiated the colours without the flash, it was too dark and the overall colour of the photo was off (as you'll see).  Luckily, there are numerous other blogs that have wonderful shots of these polishes.
I sold these, as they didn't do much for me.  I believe they're meant to be worn over black, but I preferred them by themselves.  If I remember correctly (since it's been like two months), I used four thin coats to achieve opacity, but there was no need for topcoat as these dry smoothly.
Please excuse my photos.  :)

 Enchanted Ice Castle (index, middle)
Enchanted Castle on a Cloud (ring, pinky)
See what I mean? Holo, but no colour differentiation.

Enchanted Castle on a Cloud (pinky, ring)
Enchanted Ice Castle (middle, index)
Enchanted Queen of Castle (thumb)
Slight colour differentiation, but not as obvious as it is IRL.

Enchanted Ice Castle (index, middle)
Enchanted Castle on a Cloud (ring, pinky)
Enchanted Queen of the Castle (thumb)
The best colour differentiation, but the rest of the photo is crap!  
You'll notice that Queen is prominently pink, Ice is mainly blue, and Cloud is mostly purple.

What has this post taught me?  
1. Learn how to shoot using my camera's creative settings.
2. Some Enchanted polishes are just not worth it.  :)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Contrary Westport/18th and Vine

Just thought I'd hammer out a post while my wee ones are napping and before I have to pick up my daughter from pre-school.  It's been a while since I wore this man, but when I did, I loved it (even with my super shorties).  Contrary polishes have the most amazing shimmer and these two did not disappoint!  Both shades applied gorgeously in two coats and I think that Westport is definitely in my top 5 olive polishes.  The shimmer is just so striking (and even better with topcoat over).

Contrary 18th and Vine (index)
Contrary Westport (middle, ring, pinky)

Don't you just love Contrary Polish's shimmer?

Friday, February 7, 2014

Ninja Polish Divinity/Colors by Llarowe Woman from Tokyo

Quickie post: Ninja Polish Divinity and Colors by Llarowe Woman From Tokyo.
Both applied nicely in two coats, though you can see Divinity is a tad sheer near the cuticles.  Oh well, her beauty more than makes up for it.
Note that I put topcoat on Woman after these pictures were taken and the holo factor significantly diminished.  :(

Ninja Polish Divinity (index, middle)
Colors by Llarowe Woman from Tokyo (ring, pinky)

Colors by Llarowe Woman from Tokyo (pinky, ring)
Ninja Polish Divinity (middle, index, thumb)

The beautiful colour shift in Divinity.  I couldn't capture the full angle of bright green!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Enchanted Semi-Skittles

Aeons ago, when I wore this mani, I loved the edginess of the black coupled with the pastel colours of the Enchanted holos.  When I saw that the Enchanteds matched the glitter in my only Lynnderella, The Present is a Gift, I had to top the black with it right away.  :)  
The Enchanteds are creamy two-coaters and subtly holo, not in-your-face.   The black is one easy coat of Cult Nails Nevermore topped with one coat of Present.  I did have to use two coats of Wicked Fast to smooth out the glitter, but I don't mind as it's such a pretty combo (also looks lovely over grey). Ooh, I can see this glitter layered over a brown creme as well.  Many possibilities, one polish...

Cult Nails Nevermore (base on thumb, index)
Lynnderella The Present is a Gift (glitter on thumb, index)
Enchanted September 2013 (middle)
Enchanted Majestic (ring)
Enchanted July 2013 (pinky)

Cult Nevermore (base)
Lynnderella The Present is a Gift (glitter)
*excuse the blurriness of the macro shot, but it shows the glitter colour accurately*

What is your favourite contrasting colour combo?