Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Enchanted Castles

Let me preface this post: it was impossible to get accurate photos of the Enchanted Polish Castle polishes!  The flash just made the colours look holo, without showing the colour nuances.  If I tried to get a shot that differentiated the colours without the flash, it was too dark and the overall colour of the photo was off (as you'll see).  Luckily, there are numerous other blogs that have wonderful shots of these polishes.
I sold these, as they didn't do much for me.  I believe they're meant to be worn over black, but I preferred them by themselves.  If I remember correctly (since it's been like two months), I used four thin coats to achieve opacity, but there was no need for topcoat as these dry smoothly.
Please excuse my photos.  :)

 Enchanted Ice Castle (index, middle)
Enchanted Castle on a Cloud (ring, pinky)
See what I mean? Holo, but no colour differentiation.

Enchanted Castle on a Cloud (pinky, ring)
Enchanted Ice Castle (middle, index)
Enchanted Queen of Castle (thumb)
Slight colour differentiation, but not as obvious as it is IRL.

Enchanted Ice Castle (index, middle)
Enchanted Castle on a Cloud (ring, pinky)
Enchanted Queen of the Castle (thumb)
The best colour differentiation, but the rest of the photo is crap!  
You'll notice that Queen is prominently pink, Ice is mainly blue, and Cloud is mostly purple.

What has this post taught me?  
1. Learn how to shoot using my camera's creative settings.
2. Some Enchanted polishes are just not worth it.  :)

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