Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fingerpaints You Yacht to Know Better and Sarong So Right

One of the first nail blogs I stumbled upon was Michelle Mismas' All Lacquered Up.  I've followed her through the years and have always enjoyed her clear photos and honest reviews.  Last year, to my delight, Michelle was asked to create a collection (A Pair Affair) for Finger Paints, a brand that I love but do not have many of in my collection.  I found them in my local Sally's and score, they were discounted as a new collection had come in.  I didn't really like Sage It Ain't So, but Sarong So Right and You Yacht to Know Better (cheesy names!!) came home with me.  I was too excited to try on only one, so I decided to alternate them and then, oops, I found out that Michelle had swatched her polishes in the same manner, here.  What's that saying: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? ;)

Both polishes applied thickly, but evenly in two coats and the slight texture from the shimmer/glitter was smoothed out with topcoat.  Sarong so right is a beautiful jellyish coral embedded with tiny holographic glitter, while You Yacht is a dusty blue with lighter bluish/green shimmer.  Both are gorgeous and they go well together!

Finger Paints Sarong So Right (index, ring)
Finger Paints You Yacht to Know Better (middle, pinky)

Finger Paints You Yacht to Know Better (pinky, middle, thumb)
Finger Paints Sarong So Right (ring, index)
Holo topper on thumb ~ don't remember

I can't wait to bust these out during the spring/summer, especially Sarong on my toes!

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  1. I grabbed a couple from this collection, a purple and blue, still need to wear them. I did really like this collection and should get more of them (just no thanks to orange, standing thing for me) :D