Thursday, March 6, 2014

Contrary Accents

There's just something I love about brown and blue together; throw in a little taupe and you've got yourself an awesome colour combo!  As soon as I got these Contrary beauties, I knew I had to use them right away.  Of course, they both deserve their own manis by themselves. :)
All of the polishes applied nicely in two coats and the beautiful shimmer (The Boulevard and Dykh Tau) and microglitter (The Plaza) were highlighted with a coat of topcoat.

Contrary The Boulevard (index)
Elevation Dykh Tau (middle)
Contrary The Plaza (ring, pinky)

Contrary The Plaza (ring)
Elevation Dykh Tau (middle)
Contrary The Boulevard (index)
Isn't The Plaza's multicoloured microglitter amazing? *sigh*

Contrary The Plaza (pinky, ring)
Elevation Dykh Tau (middle, thumb)
Contrary The Boulevard (index)

I can't wait to play with my Contrarys again!  I just love how Carrie foregoes the traditional indie route of glitter and dabbles in shimmer instead.

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