Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Zoya Solange and Beatrix

Quickie post (gee, what else is new?!).  I am so behind on blogging, and just about everything else in life, so I figure a brief post is better than nothing.
Two coats of Zoya Solange (yellow) and Beatrix (orange) makes for a delightfully spring-y manicure.  I wore this in the middle of winter and it was a nice to see bright colours dancing on my tips out of the corners of my eyes.  :)  Usually orange and yellow are not my colours of choice in nail polish, but I really like these two together, probably because of the texture effect. 

Zoya Solange (index)
Zoya Beatrix (middle, ring, pinky)

Zoya Beatrix (pinky, ring, middle)
Zoya Solange (index, thumb)

What colours are you excited to bust out this long-overdue spring?

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