Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Picture Polish Ultra Violence and Bewitch

Ooh, look, super nubs! :)  I couldn't wait to try out these beauties when I got them and I must have been super excited when applying them, as they didn't apply as nicely as Picture Polishes usually do.  You can see at the nail line, the polish is a bit thin.  I'm not sure if the dragging was due to the formula or user error, but next time I will layer these babies so that I only have to use one or two coats, not three.
Regardless, the multicoloured shimmer in Bewitch is gorgeous, as is the fuschia holographic glitter in Ultra Violence.  You really know how to make some gorgeous polishes Picture Polish!

Picture Polish Ultra Violence (index, pinky)
Picture Polish Bewitch (middle, ring)

Picture Polish Ultra Violence (pinky, index)
Picture Polish Bewitch (ring, middle, thumb)

I've got a few more untried Picture Polishes to go through; I should definitely do that soon!

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