Monday, April 21, 2014

Rescue Beauty Lounge Lucciole with Sephora by OPI It's Real 18k Gold

Wow, that title is a mouthful!  I finally plucked Rescue Beauty Lounge Lucciole from my slowly diminishing untried pile and I'm glad I did.  It is a beautiful muted purple shimmer with tiny flecks of copper microshimmer, which are meant to symbolize fireflies in the dusk, or something to that effect.  Lucciole applied gorgeously in two coats and the shimmer came out to play with a coat of Wicked Fast.  I thought my newly-acquired Sephora by OPI 18k Gold topcoat would look nice atop the purple.  Um...yeah, should have left well enough alone.  :)

Rescue Beauty Lounge Lucciole
Sephora by OPI 18k Gold (index, middle)

Rescue Beauty Lounge Lucciole
Sephora by OPI 18k Gold (middle, index, thumb)

Aren't there just some polishes that should be left alone?

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  1. I like the topper, because the whole thing reminds me of the Ozotics with the flakes, which are my fave Ozotics, and the purple Ozotic is very similar to this purple.