Friday, June 27, 2014

BB Couture Bloody Black Bart and Misa Eye Candy

Normally, I am more of a blue-based purple polish kind of gal, but this red-based purple has me smitten!  It's deep, shimmery and has pretty glints of red microshimmer!  They match the intense shimmer of Misa Eye Candy, a bright red polish.  It is super intense; the second picture is more accurate in portraying its Eye Candy's true colour, while the first photo is a bit more orange.  Note that Eye Candy dries matte, so a coat of topcoat brings out the glorious shimmer.

BB Couture Bloody Black Bart (index, middle, pinky)
Misa Eye Candy (ring)

BB Couture Bloody Black Bart (pinky, middle, index)
Misa Eye Candy (ring)

*sigh*  I need to wear Eye Candy again, and soon!

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