Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Contrary Polish River Market and Jin Soon Obsidian

If I remember correctly, I wore this mani for Good Friday.  I seem to gravitate towards vampies during the beginning of the Easter holiday, for some reason. I thought the red shimmer in RBL Black Russian's blackened base was quite appropriate and was excited to see that Contrary River Market also had beautiful red shimmer, albeit in a purple jelly base.  The first picture shows two somewhat thick coats of River Market, while the second pictures is three coats, I believe.  The colour really deepened with the third coat. As for Black Russian, tipwear was prominent quite early in the manicure, so I slapped on a quick coat of Jin Soon Obsidian, a black polish with holo microglitter and a pink shimmer and the dark, sparkly goodness sufficed.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Black Russian (index, middle)
Contrary Polish River Market (ring, pinky)

Jin Soon Obsidian (index, middle)
Contrary Polish River Market (ring, pinky)

What colours do you tend do wear for serious occasions?

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