Friday, January 30, 2015

IG Mani Backlog

I don't always have an awful lot of time to be on the computer during the day, seeing as how my three little ones are underfoot; thus, I take most of my mani pics with my cell phone and post them on Instagram.  I only take camera photos of the truly deserving manis. :)

Cirque Thicker than Water (index, middle, pinky)
Girly Bits Food Fight (ring)

Pahlish Lambrusco (index)
Pahlish the Wish of a Golden Fish (middle)
Pahlish A Moment in Amber (ring)
Pahlish Casino Oasis (pinky)

Enchanted Polish Amazing (thumb)
Colors by Llarowe P47 (index, pinky)
Enchanted Polish May 2014 (middle, ring)

Essence Me and My Lover (thumb)
Colors by Llarowe Gold (index)
Enchanted Polish All Love Garden (middle)
Cult Nails Blaze (ring)
Enchanted Polish January 2014 (pinky)

Colors by Llarowe Love You Forever (thumb, index)
Enchanted Polish Good Life (middle, ring, pinky)

Elevation Polish Shillin Stone Forest (thumb, index)
Elevation Polish SBP Green Star (middle, ring, pinky)

Maybe this is the return of my interest in blogging.  We'll see...

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