Saturday, February 7, 2015

At Last...some Flashing Lights!

Now, I am not one who is normally drawn to duo/multichrome polishes.  Colors by Llarowe At Last, however, is one that caught and held my eye.  It shifts from purple to navy to teal and has a smattering of pink microglitter (or shimmer) if I remember correctly.  Of course, you can't see the colour shift in my photo, but it is there!

Enchanted Polish Flashing Lights is another polish that I normally wouldn't be drawn to, a gold one, and a glitter at that!  Flashing Lights applied nicely in two coats though and was smoothed out with a coat of topcoat.  Just look at all that bling.  Chelsea, the owner of Enchanted, should seriously consider doing a rainbow collection of this type of glitter.  So gorgeous!

Enchanted Polish Flashing Lights (index)
Colors by Llarowe At Last (middle, ring, pinky)

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