Sunday, February 15, 2015

Elevation UU08 and SBP Golden Leaves

Elevation Polish is one of my favourite indie brands.  Her polish formulas apply beautifully; she offers a wide range of colours and finishes and they are affordable, compared to certain other indie brands.  Every month, Lulu, the owner, offers two restocks of regular polish and LE polishes (samples and Small Batch Prototypes [SBPs]).  You are limited to two LE polishes per month, which makes it very competitive to snag even one at a restock.  I've been lucky and snagged two whenever I've tried.  :)
The following are two LEs that I scored, both creamy, subtle holos (which I don't normally go for).  UU08 is a gorgeously neutral sage shade and Golden Leaves is a soft buttercup yellow (which I also don't nomally care for).  They look purdy together, don't they?  Both Elevations applied dreamily with two coats; I don't remember if I used topcoat.

Elevation Polish Sample UU08 (index, middle)
Elevation Polish SBP Golden Leaves (ring, pinky)
Takko Nirvana (not picture, but on thumb)

Are you on the Elevation Polish bandwagon?  :)

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