Sunday, January 17, 2016

IG Mani Backlog #4

Phew!  I've finally arrived at the final backlog post of IG mani pics.  Time to get some real mani photos posted, eh? 

KBShimmer Blue-d Lines (thumb)
KBShimmer Ins and Sprouts (index, ring)
KBShimmer Thistle be the Day (middle, pinky)

Gah! Dunno.  The pink is a Chanel, I believe?

Pahlish Chalcopyrite (thumb, index, pinky)
Colors by Llarowe Cabaret (middle, ring)

Gah! Dunno.  Maybe the purple is ILNP?

Gah! Dunno.  Emily de Molly stamping plates

There we have it folks.  I'm a whole lot of slacker when it comes to documenting polish names.  Ah well, it's not like I'm reviewing for anybody.  Then, I'd be in trouble. ;)

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