Saturday, March 26, 2016

Picture Polish Wanderlust

Hi Caitlyn! :)  Methinks you are my only reader, so why not send a shout out to you!?
I wore this crazy polish a few weeks ago; it's crazy because my camera (or my lack of skills) could not capture the accurate colour of the polish.  It is a deeper pink, but it definitely rocks purple tones.
This just looks hot pink!  Ah well.  It applied nicely in two coats, as do about 99% of PPs.  As for my accent nail, I'm not exactly sure, but I believe it is Glam Too Glam to Give a Damn.  Glam creates some awesome holo glitter creations, but after a while, the silver-based ones all begin to look alike. #firstworldproblems

Picture Polish Wanderlust (index, middle, pinky)
Glam Polish Too Glam to Give a Damn (ring) ??

A few months ago, I thought I would try a rounded nail shape; I'm not sure if I like it on me.  I think they would definitely look better on nails with longer nail beds.  Oh well.  Amazing thing about nails is that they grow out!  Have a wonderful Easter weekend. :)

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Blue Holo Skittles

I've got a lovely (mostly) blue skittle for you today.  I usually don't wear skittle manis, but when I have a lot of untrieds or receive a big nail mail package, I am usually too impatient to try out only one polish.  Thus, my 'themed' skittle manis.  I did have a baby blue holo that I could have used in place of Enchanted Winter, but I liked how the deep blues looked with the freshness of the white.
All of the polishes covered beautifully in two coats.  Love!

Enchanted Winter (index)
Cupcake New York (middle)
Chaos and Crocodiles Arctic Waters (ring)
Enchanted Neptune (pinky)

I'm just getting over a stomach bug and my nails are short and bare (sob), but crying out for some polish.  I hope I have the energy tonight to do them.  Take care!