Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Test, test, check...

Wow! I think it’s high time that I practice my rusty blogging skills again. It’s been a crazy couple of years since I last blogged: my final babe has grown into a feisty, self-assured three year old; my youngest son is now in JK and I am one year away from re-entering the work force!  I still love to polish my nails as a means to relax at the end of the day (or if the wee one ever randomly naps); some things will never change.

I am going to be blogging on my phone as it’s easier to snap pics and use them as opposed to taking pics with my DSLR and then uploading the pics onto my laptop. But...I don’t know how the resolution will turn out. Here’s to hoping that my phone is good enough and the photos won’t turn out all grainy. :)

To start afresh, let’s look at my current mani, the beautifully hazy blue of Picture Polish London stamped with my new Lina stamping plate.  London covered my nails nicely in two coats and dried fairly quickly.  I love the scattered holo in this polish, which is funny because I prefer linear holo usually.

As for the stamping, I still need to practice how to press the image down straight without distortion (check out the starburst on my middle finger), but that is definitely user error and not a plate deficiency.   I can’t wait to try more images.

Left hand

Right hand

Ok, time to publish this and check it out on my laptop. 
Ciao Bella!