Saturday, March 10, 2018

Pahlish Queen of Pentacles

Salut! It is Friday night in my neck of the woods and I am enjoying a glass of Syrah and waiting for my current mani to dry. What better time to post on my little blog than now?  If I am going to get back into blogging, I know I have to solidify my efforts and make time for it. Just as I have to do with reading and working out.  All good things in life take effort; I just have to say f*** it, get off my lazy caboose,  and start!  That is my wine-induced pep talk for the night. :)

I wore this mani earlier in the week and I must admit, though it’s not a linear holo (my favourite finish), the scattered holo effect from the flakes is gorgeous.  As is the purple shimmer and the olive green base.  The accent nail also matches the shimmer perfectly!  The one drawback is that the shimmer is not as strong on the nail, though it is there and surprises you with flashes every now and then.

Pahlish Queen of Pentacles
Picture Polish Orchid (accent nail)

I hope you have a wonderful night and are doing something you enjoy this weekend!

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