Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Don Deeva Lacquer Catastrophe

Happy spring-almost-summer!  It’s actually quite cool today; I’m wearing a long hoodie and leggings, which is a far cry from the shorts I was wearing last week. :)
I also have a head cold, which makes me put errands on the back burner.  Costco, who needs your myriad aisles of delicious treats, anyway?

Today I have the very unique Don Deeva CATastrophe.   CATastrophe, a white-to-red thermal flecked with green shimmer and multi chrome flakies, is a March 2018 Polish Pickup exclusive.  Polish Pickup is a platform which collaborates with fans to decide monthly polish themes (past months’ themes include science, fandoms, and books) and then offers the themed polishes from dozens of indie polish makers. It’s a veritable polish smorgasbord.  If this intrigues you, please visit Polish Pickup.

I used three coats of CATastrophe, though two would have sufficed. Polishing with light thermals has proven to be a bit tricky as the polish often changes mid-application, making it harder to see.   Nevertheless, the result was gorgeous.

Cold state of Don Deeva CATastrophe

Warm state of CATastrophe

Don Deeva CATastrophe

I might like it even more sans flakies. What do you think?  I do love flakies, but generally, the smaller, the better for me. I adore the shimmer though. Let’s see more thermals with that beautiful shimmer.

Have a good day!

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