Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Tonic Skittlette

Hello again.  One post yesterday and one today.  I am a busy beaver.  :)

Last week I wore this mani and I love, love, LOVED it!  Tonic Marilyn (red) and Novitiate are pretty in the bottle, but stunning on the nail.  There is a glow to them that just doesn’t translate in the bottle or on camera; you’ll have to trust me that they are even more gorgeous.  Novitiate’s shimmer shifts from turquoise to purple, which makes the polish quite dusty looking at times. Very unique.

Both polishes reached opacity in two coats.  Any streaks during application disappeared when the polish dried.  Phew.

I used Verklempt as an accent nail.  It is a silver linear holo slightly tinted blue with the most amazing shifting flakies.  I hope Lindsay comes out with a rainbow of holos with these flakies! 😜

Tonic Marilyn and Novitiate (sunlight)

Tonic Marilyn and Novitiate (shade)

Tonic Verklempt in the shade

Tonic Novitiate (left), Tonic Verklempt, Tonic Marylin

I will definitely be revisiting these shades in the future, especially in the summer.  Enjoy your day!

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